Walk 2

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Walk 1

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Walk or die.

I’ve been having dizzy spells for days now. When I stand up or lie down I spin out and sometimes it’s so strong it’s like mild nausea. I’d had a couple of fleeting one off experiences a couple of months ago but brushed them off. However..this time around they don’t seem to be going away so….to the Doctor I went. I found a nice Indian chap in Tiwi who wants more blood tests and an ECG done before full diagnosis however the initial one is Vertigo bought on by an ear infection. He also took one look at me and started talking strokes and heart attacks “your enormous”. Scared the fucking shit out of me so I went straight to the mall and bought new walking shoes. An hour later I easy doing a 7km walk around beautiful Darwin which is a walkers paradise.

I need to lose…well….alot of weight.

Wish me luck.

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Saturday hunt

Spent the day hunting just an hour outside Darwin today. The melalluca wetlands are beautiful at the moment. Living the dream

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