Mum’s house burns down

From this….

To this….

So many happy days. So many memories. All of her possessions gone. All of our posessions in Cambodia gone.

Such is life

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Walk 49

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Extraordinary timing

I’ve just resigned and will be moving into the Defence industry, working across the RAAF bases in the NT. New “0ffice” is the Darwin RAAF Base. To say this is extraordinary timing is an understatement. I have been getting signals for months the business I currently work for was struggling in a depressed NT economy with constant pressure to cut costs and remove staff. At just about the same time I accepted the new job, I was asked if I wanted to buy the contract I work on and then….fucking whammo..coronaravirus and now the retail and commercial property game is absolutely fucked. Signing the letter of offer was just a massive relief for me. I’m safe in Defence and I have my family with me in a beautiful place. I’m Blessed. Stay safe everyone.

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43 walks / 42000 calories

10kgs down

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