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Neak Reach tailor : Best in SEA

Suit Pants $ 20 ( I got 3 ) Shirts $18 ( I got 8 ) Fit : perfect

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Review ;Papa’s Cafe Takmeo

Here is a shameless little plug for a great café in Takmeo called Papa’s.  I have driven past this place many times on my travels thorough Takmeo and been meaning to go in for a look but have just never … Continue reading

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Review ; Game of Thrones

I am not a huge fantasy genre fan. I mean..when I go to sleep at night I certainly have the odd one that usually involves….oh…..never mind .Of course I loved the Lord of the Rings series (  who didn’t !? … Continue reading

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Review ; Armand’s Bistro

It was Leakhana’s 29th birthday yesterday and after showering her with gifts ( including a box of treasure sent over from Australia by Auntie Bell and a generous present from Mum and Dad ) we headed out for a nice … Continue reading

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