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Here you will find all the thoughts that go through my head with regards to our plans for building a weekender.

Off Grid Living 1-2-3

I have been spending a lot of my spare time lately reading all the information I can find on the internet ( of which there is tonnes ) regarding 0ff-grid housing.  Actually, my searches usually include the words “cabin” or … Continue reading

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Farnsworth House ; Super *Groan*

  I have found the dream home. I stumbled across this whilst googling “suspended slabs”. The Farnsworth house is locate in Illinois on the banks of the Fox River. Set amongst maples and cedars ( whose ever changing seasonal leaves … Continue reading

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Protecting Trees 1-2-3

Got that pottering itch again on the weekend. I miss my backyard shed in Australia and all my tools sooo much ! Anyway, come Sunday I was fidgeting and felt the need to create something. My mind turned back to … Continue reading

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Dog Trot Houses

OK…I don’t want to bore my regular readers about all things house building but I have to say I am obsessed at the moment and besides, I have met several recent readers of my blog and they seem to enjoy … Continue reading

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