Fishing firsts all round

Today was epic.

After a good session yesterday at a pay pond where the water was low and the snakehead were biting I decided to take Angus out of school today and get him on to his first fish. He’s been getting frustrated not catching fish on lure and I don’t blame him. He’s only 7 and you need extreme patience for snakehead on lures.

We arrived and set up camp in a little bungalow and Angus started casting away. About a dozen casts later and he’s getting the hump ” awwwwww I’m never going to catch a fish “. I tell him to keep trying and a few minutes later he shreiks in joy “FISH ON DADDY!!!!”Low and behold he’s done it. He proudly reels in his first ever fish….snakehead ON LURE NO LESS.

Then to add to the success of the day I catch my first ever fish on a top water walking lure…the famous Heddon Super Spook. Walking a lure requires practice and finesse and I was very chuffed. But nowhere near as chuffed as I was with my little man. So proud…..

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1 Response to Fishing firsts all round

  1. rjg1 says:

    Congratulations, Angus! This brings back long lost memories of your Great Grandpa Jamieson teaching me to beach fish at the north end of Blueys Beach, when I was your age, about 50 years ago. I had been given my own (very modern) bamboo fishing rod, and a wicker tackle basket. I was so excited to go with Grandpa on his evening fishing trip.

    Grandpa first taught me to catch beach worms, and then showed me how to thread a live wriggly worm onto my hook. We weighted my fishing line with a suitable sinker, and after a few failed attempts, I cast my line far out into the waves.

    I stood next to Pa and waited. And waited.

    My heart leapt when I felt a firm tug on my line. Angus, you know how exciting that feels!

    I shrieked. Grandpa smiled, and helped me reel in my line. Nothing since has been as truly exciting as watching my first silvery beach whiting flip through the evening air, onto the sand.

    Well done, little mate. I’m truly happy for you.

    Aunt Rebecca

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