Losing my bia hoi cherry

One of the first things you hear about Hanoi is the abundantly cheap local made brew called bia hoi. Having eaten mostly western food for my first two weeks I was ready to branch out so I headed to a big beer barn behind the Australian embassy that I had spurred on my neighbourhood walks.

Not unlike a Cambodian beer garden, the place was huge and well staffed. I was whisked to a table and with the universal chug a lug handsign, I soon had my first beer in front of me. Given it’s brewed daily and costs 15c a glass..you know..it ain’t Peroni but it was cold and ultra cheap @ 30c a glass so who’s complaining ! Barely started one than the second arrived.

Now the next item was a little trickier. Food. No-one was speaking English and my Vietnamese is two weeks old. They gave me a menu…why I don’t know…and.luckily the guys next to me were eating something that looked ok so i pointed. That’ll do ! Turns out I ordered bbq pork and rice which was alright.

The pork was good although fatty and they then brought out a huge plate of the most garlicy bok choy you could ever imagine. Couldn’t eat it.
Total cost : $ 10

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