My first Vietnamese bargain..

Whilst the new digs will come with main whitegoods and beds, sofas, dining table etc supplied, we will need to kit out the kitchen and bedrooms. Obviously the first thing we’ll need is bedding. I bought some beautiful queen size cotton sheets, a hand embroidered duvet cover and four matching pillow cases for $65 and I then had to go shopping for…wait for it…duvets. Never needed them in Cambodia but with a free aircon supply and a genuine cold season around Christmas…Hanoi demands warmth.

The other day I went to a couple of huge outlets and was stunned to find the average queen duvet was around $120++…and we need four of them ! So I figured I’d take my time and see if I could find a cheap option. Today I went to do some shopping at the supermarket downstairs and imagine my surprise when I see a pop up bedding outlet in the foyer selling awesomely soft duvets from Korea at 50 / 70% off !! After some double checking on size, quality and price…I walked away with two queen duvets for $48 each…marked down from $150 each.





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