San Andreas – Cambodian style

So I just got back from a few days over the river and I decide to catch up on world news.I am sitting down at mission central with a coffee and the laptop fired up and I start to hear a funny cracking sound and I wonder wtf it is. Next thing I know there is a loud bang and the floor tiles lift and split in a line directly across the floor straight at me and right under where I am sitting. I jump up not knowing what the hell is going on and every tile I tread on cracks and pops as I beat a hasty retreat for the stairs . Freaked the god damned hell out of me and I think the house is falling down. Anyways…I called the owner and she comes over and takes one look and says ” oh yeah that happened in the rear bedrooms some time ago….” and shows me where she has already replaced some tiles . I guess the recent temperature drop has made the slab contract. Speaking of which…it has been right parky over the Mekong the last couple of night. Blankets n all…..


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