Return to Cambodia

I am back. Arrived last Friday to the waiting smiles and hugs of my wife and kids which was awesome. I was going to surprise them but in the end thought I would give them something to look forward to so i told them a week out I was returning.  Saying good bye to my little condo and Manila was pretty saddening. Such a great time and place. However life is an evolving story so you have to go with the flow.

The day after I arrived it rained. And rained, and rained some more. For hours even. The street flooded, the house flooded the worse it ever has and as I slapped away elephant sized mosquitoes and listened to the street dogs howl I suddenly realised…….fuck……I am back in Cambodia. After my silent 19th floor in Manila, I am ever so accutely aware of just how fucking noisy this country is. My first week home was spent going to the health club with Leakhena who in my absence has become a gym junkie and has shed 8kg. This off a tiny little khmer frame to start with !! She looks great and is very dedicated to her routine which entails meeting with some like minded ladies of different ages, doing calisthenics, walking machines and steam etc. Good for her !  The kids are stoked to see me and Angus in particular is very happy to have his dad home and just will not leave me alone. He is turning into a fine little man and I look forward to spending some time with him.

About  a week before I left I had a very random call from a headhunter based in Australia. They were looking for a Facilities Manager to run a large FMCG account in Manila and would I be interested ?. Of course I was and so for about a week I got my hopes up that there might be a way to stay in the Philippines. The day after I got home I interviewed with a local Cambodian conglomerate and then a couple of days later I had the phone interview with the company in Manila.  Both interviews went very well but in reality, I was only interested in the Manila role. Huge company, huge account, permanent role, family could go with me. Ah well ….such is life said Ned Kelly. I missed Manila. I got the Phnom Penh role. My last contract effectively finishes 15th August ( though I have been paid out early ) and the new role starts 17th August. I should be happy and I am but ..well…yeah…..we wanted Manila.

There you have it. I will keep you all updated.

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