On being fiscal…

I dropped my almost new $450 Sony Xperia Z1 phone for the second time in a month last week.Shattered gorilla glass everywhere. Had it repaired..again…but this time the colours are all wrong and the camera is not taking very nice shots ( as you can probably tell from recent blog photos) . So I’ve been sizing up the Samsung note 4 @ $850 and also *gasp* the Apple iPhone 6 plus @ $900. In the end I thought…fuck this…I’m not paying that kind of money for a bloody phone. So I decided to check out the LG shop and stumbled upon the new LG Magna. The first thing I loved ? The price . At $240, it’s 70% cheaper than the phones I was looking at. Secondly, it’s got a nice curved pseudo metallic brushed back to it. Third, it’s light, responsive and fast. So I bought it and saved six hundred bucks.

Here’s my first ever selfie to celebrate..


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