@ Metro Card Club , Manila

Had a monster night out on Friday night. Went to my favourite street eats El Chubacabra and met a nice young lad from Ohio called Matt. Matt was a professional sport better and was taking a sabbatical in South East Asia. We ended up drinking some beers together and then headed over to Handle Bar where we met an Avionics Tech crew on contract with Lufthansa. Couple of poms and a young Nepali guy and their Filipino girlfriends. We played pool and then headed over to Rogues Sports Bar. The rest is a blur.

I had to get up early Saturday and go pick up my deposit and fridge from the new place that I am now not moving into. I might be changing country  locations sooner than I thought so until I know where I am going. I am staying put. After sweating it out doing that I went back to bed and slept all day Saturday arising refreshed around 5pm. A curry and a juice later and I was feeling like some fresh air so I decided to hit one of Manila’s poker clubs. I haven’t played cards in a long time and was feeling lucky. Grabbed an Uber Black ride and headed over to The Metro Card Club in Pasay City not knowing really what to expect.


Upon arrival at a large mall area I walk up some steel stairs, through a security scanner and into a well it, bustling room with about 40 tables in it. I am met my two gorgeous girls who direct me to a table ( 10php/20php No Limit Texas Hold em ) and within minutes I am playing. The table is a mix of young, old, flash, not so flash and I can only see two or three other westerners in the whole room. At one end of the table is a very elegant older woman dripping in fold and diamonds who everyone calls “mummy” and she is stack high. The mood is just fantastic. The Filipinos are VERY friendly and animated when they play cards and there is none of the wankery you encounter at Naga Casino in Cambodia with the chinese dimwits. I win, I lose. I win. We all laugh. People toss me chips when I lose ” here….some lucky chips for your next hand”  we all tip the awesome dealers ( most of whom are drop dead gorgeous) if we get great cards.  Beers are $1.50. There are tournaments being played and every now and then a table lights up with yells and screams as someone busts out or draws bad.

All in all just a fantastic experience and a great place to play cards.


(ps: left even having paid 2000php to play 3 hours of poker )

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