On the move

Whilst I like where I’m living and it’s been a great first landing pad, I’m orientated now and ready to branch out . I’ve been looking at all sorts of places from old villas in historic areas ( beautiful, overpriced, unfurnished, in flood areas, miles from work..what’s the point?..) to same same condos in slightly more local areas ( same set up as where I am, a tad cheaper..what’s the point ?) To; townhouses in gated villages ( reasonably priced, quiet close to work but with no family…overkill just now / maybe later).

A few weeks after I arrived in Manila I was scouting locations as comparisons and found a very nice looking building in Poblocian, a local ‘hood with plenty of pubs and trees near to makati. There was a sign out front FOR RENT but when the housekeeper told me they were 24m2 I didn’t even look. This time around, after two months here, and knowing this area a bit better and that if I ever go out (rare)it’s near this building,I thought I’d revisit. Turns out a couple more studios were now available and so I went in. You never go you never know
I’ve always been fascinated with small space living .I think it appeals to the resourceful/ OCD in me . So when she ( Mariza) opens the door and I’m met with a perfectly clean, freshly painted, awesomely ventilated , well laid out studio with a leafy green/city outlook…..I’m almost in love straight away !! She shows me the one next door. Same price but no windows…It’s horrible.


I revisit three times over the next forty eight hours at different times checking noise (mild, reassuring street sounds), Sun direction ( it’s due north) and neighbourhood activity. It seems chilled. I even take measurements and visit a mall getting prices on TVs, mini fridges and beds as it’s unfurnished and I want to know what my outlay is.


Schmick soda bed

Today I’m 70% decided but after work I decide to walk from work and check it out one final time. It’s actually the same distance to work as where I live now and it’s really nice walking thorough an active neighbourhood.I buy some beers and stand out on the srudios little balcony purveying the view. I’m now at 100% so I slap down two months deposit.At 530pm, the studio is cool and quiet and afterwards I have a beer at the local Aussie owned pub. It’s a great local village and i’m stoked.


The price where I rent now ? 45000php (USD1000). I’ve lost the pool. That sux.However…the price where I’m going ? 15000php (USD330) . That’s $670 extra in my piggy bank every month. I’m happy about that.

Stay tuned for pimping photos.

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2 Responses to On the move

  1. Sarah Garnett says:

    $670 – but maths was never your strong point 😉

  2. gavinmac says:

    I think your math is off buddy.

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