( Not so ) Secret Spot X @ Manila Bay

Flying back in from a business trip in Cebu last weekend and on approach to the landing strip at NAIA, I spied a lovely looking lagoon set off Manila Bay and what looked like a long strip of white sand. I made a mental note and today, with Easter in full swing and Manila devoid of any traffic or lifeforms ( everyone has gone back to the provinces ) I jumped on the mountain bike early, packed some water and cold spare ribs and headed out for an adventure. 45 minutes later I arrived at the spot I had spied only to find it was not so off the beaten path after all. As planes swooped in low overhead to the runway, the locals frolicked in the bay on a cloudless hot day. I sat under a palm for a while relaxing and then headed back to the condo and the pool for a much needed swim after a solid 2.5 hours in the saddle.

APRIL 15 (2)

This street is normally bumper to bumper mid week.

APRIL 15 (18)APRIL 15 (19)APRIL 15 (6)APRIL 15 (14)APRIL 15 (16)APRIL 15 (12)APRIL 15 (4)APRIL 15 (1)DSC_0425

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