Losing my uberginity

Uber2Well roll me over and dip me in pig shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.  I just lost my uber virginity and it was the cheapest, most painless and enjoyable thing ever. No fumbling. No alcohol. No disappointment.  I am TOTALLY going to brag to all my mates about it.

I was enjoying the Sunday roast lunch buffet at Howzat Sports Bar when I struck up a conversation with a very nice kiwi chap next to me. Anthony had moved to Manila some 8 months earlier and was working in Executive search. As we moved across topics he mentioned he was an avid uber user and it reminded me it was something  I wanted to try. The cabs here in Manila are cheap and easy but ,having utilized Airbnb to book my condo, I really like the Power To The People model .

So I downloaded the uber  app to my phone and after mopping up the last of my lamb and gravy I hit “book a ride” . The uber app tracks the driver and some 12 minutes later a brand new Honda pulls up with a smiling filipino male at the wheel and he happily takes me home with a minimum of . Upon arrival I do not have to pay as uber has my debit card details and he wishes me health and prosperity as I alight.

I get up to my condo  and am still shaking my head at how well uber works when I get my e-receipt. 65php / US$1.50 !!  Er……………….WTF ! uber is cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeap. My god. I will never use a cab again. uber totally rocks.

Great article here :


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