Not really an update

You know…I kind of forgot recently I had a blog. It’s been eight years of constant writing and to be honest…last year kind of sucked and it was just a struggle. Family are great but the constant pressure of staying gainfully employed with three….yes three retrenchments in 12 months has just been stressful as hell. It’s funny.I have a better job ( when I have one !) And get paid better than many people I know here and I still feel like I’m failing miserably. Anyhooooo…bare with me. Big changes might be afoot which will see this blog fire right back up again..albeit on foreign soil.

Stay tuned.

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1 Response to Not really an update

  1. Goyzer. says:

    Well that’s as intriguing as it gets !!!

    Await with interest my old mate.

    All the best

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