Christmas 2014

It was a pretty low key one this year. With the wife in Kep superivising fences right up until Xmas Eve, I was left to do all the shopping. I did a pretty good job of it utilizing Russian Market for clothes and a large Toy shop…toys. Had to wrap them all Xmas night as the wife was asleep early with the kids but employing a military like process, I made short work of it. As with every year, I made sure Grace and Angus left a huge peanut butter sandwich and glass of milk out for Santa . The next day we were dragged out of bed at 0630am with squeels of delight. Santa had come and left presents and had even eaten his sandwich !

DSC_0153[1]DSC_0164[1]DSC_0161[1]DSC_0169[1]After the pressie carnage we all got showered and dressed into our finest and headed for the Sunway Hotel for the Xmas buffet with 22 other adults and 12 kids. Starting at 1130 and ending at 2pm, it included all the food you could stuff down your gullet, one free drink and a cheesy Filipino duet belting out Alley Mcbeal style Xmas songs. All in all not bad but at $140 for the day, I would not do it again . There was talk of an after party but we had to go home and change and by the time we had done that and had a little snooze etc, there was no hope of us heading out again.

So that was that. Done.

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1 Response to Christmas 2014

  1. David Shiel says:

    Happy new year folks. Family/kids look good, having fun as it should be.

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