Single father hood ? **** that !!

For those if you that have been whingeing and whining about lack of content recently….let me bring you up to speed on why I have been too busy / indesposed / couldn’t give a fuck about blog .

A couple of weeks ago the wife announces she is going to Kep view our land and all secret squirrel like she says she has to “do something”. So she goes down for one night with our cleaner as company and returns the following day…..only to announce she is starting a fence and will return to Kep the next day to watch the workers. Er….for how long ? I ask.  Until it is finished she answers. So …who is looking after the kids while you are away ? I ask. You can organise she answers and with that she is off. To be fair…..I told her I was not paying dollar one for the fencing as I do not see why we need to fence investment land so she sold her gold and raised the cash and she wants to manage the process. No drama there.

That was two weeks ago.  She is not back yet.

I have had to liase with her sister and our cleaner to ensure Grace and Angus get to school, get home from School, get fed and showered etc . I am at work early and home late so I have helped where possible but everyone else that has been left to rally works too so it has been a pain in the arse for everyone . Now…..don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against the wife going to supervise things being done but what the fuck is wrong with P L A N N I N G  I N  A D V A N C E ?? There is no such concept in this fucking country. We could have hired help for two weeks.  Weekends have absolutely sucked as I have had the kids 24 hours a day for two days in a row and I tell you……that ain’t easy when you are dog tired from work. And before a bunch of left wing lesbians start commenting on here about how “oh now you know how it feels to be the women”etc etc…..I do not see my wife going to work 60 hours a week . I completely appreciate it cannot be easy looking after kids “full time”  ( only really part time in this house as they are at school all day ) but… me old skool but I believe there are roles. Man work. Woman tend kids. Man help when he can but …fundamentally…woman tend kids. Man give woman a break when he can but woman tend kids . Cleaner clean house. Woman doesn’t have to clean the house . WOMAN . TEND . KIDS.   Got it ?

Now…today…..I am sad to say Super Yay has finally passed away so the wife is finally coming back from Kep with all her excess family in tow in a taxi that she is paying dearly for and I have no doubt I am going to be expected to chip heavily for the funeral. As usual, if I mention that several of her family have owed us hundreds of dollars for a long time and as we come in to Xmas and with outgoings being high….now might be a good time to collect…..guess who the devil is now ?

Xmas. bah.humbug.

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