Violently ill.

That’s been me for the last 48 hours.  On Sunday morning at mum’s house out of the blue I almost vomited.  I suppressed the urge but thought it was strange.  Fast forward to 8pm that night back in phnom pen and the games began in earnest. I started vomiting violently on the hour every hour and did not stop until 5 am this morning. It slowed down towards the end but throw in sunstroke and dehydration from working on the farm all weekend and it’s been hell. The vomiting has left my stomach muscles sore as hell and I haven’t eaten in two days so hunger pains are now constant. Probably the worst stomach ache I have ever had.  I haven’t been to work yet …. haven’t made it further than the bed and the bathroom actually. No diarrhea though which is interesting. If I had to pick the culprit I’d say it was that drink of water I took out of the concrete pot at the farm. The pot with the crystal clear water and the Sci fi looking algae bloom in the bottom of it. oops !! I remember drinking it thinking I’ll probably get sick. …………..

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