Canine Update

This has deadset been the a really SHIT 72 hours.

Jirra gave birth to 10 puppies.

8 are now in our freezer. 8 . I shit you not.

The last four died today ……two of them as I cradled them to make sure they were at least warm in their last moments.Each of the 8 I have had to wrap in a strip of krawma, place in a little plastic bag and store for burial.Now……for the dog lovers out there……I can tell is AGONISING watching it unfold. Last night we had 6 seemingly healthy puppies but this morning 4 had just taken a real turn overnight and were unable to feed. You can try help them all you want to find the nipple and get them on it but if they can’t feed… is all over.


I get home this morning and there is blood spray all over the floor and Jirra has a bleeding nose. Alarm bells instantly go off as this was the tick fever symptom little Digger had before he died. So I take Jirra and the two strongest puppies to the vet ( the third remaining one is dying at  home ) , the vet does a blood test and …yes…Jirra has tick fever.

She has a temperature of 39 and so the vet jabbed her and gave me a course of vitamins and antibiotics which we will start if her temperature has not come down tomorrow. I have to keep her calm and fed and watered and just pray to hell that she does not succumb to it. I just hope that because she is a big three year old she can fight it because if I lose Jirra I will be truly devastated. She is probably the best dog I have owned with her sweet , gentle, affectionate temperament , her devotion to me and her protective instincts of the family and property.

When we get home form the vet the third last puppy is stiff and cold and so I wrap it up and place it with the others in the freezer.


Updates as I have them.

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2 Responses to Canine Update

  1. Catherine says:

    I do much hate tuck fever 😦
    Poor you. Poor puppies. Poor jirra.
    Hang in there!
    I used to check Map every evening for ticks. And ask his walker to do the same every day too. Toes. Stomach. Ears. Tail. All.
    I feel for you. And all the little ones gone. 😦

  2. Goyzer. says:

    Thoughts are with you mate, this is terrible.

    Life fucking sucks sometimes.

    All the best buddy

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