But wait…more Father’s Day madness

So I get home, wash the grime off, kiss the wife and kids and head for bed at 8pm absolutely shattered. Around 2am the missus burts into the room, flicks on the overhead light and screams “SWEEATHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERT COME QUICK” I am thinking rapists are scaling the walls so i reach for the taser and the knife and she then says “Jirra is having her pups !”

What follows is 4 hours of birthing, blood, cutting umbilical cords, worrying, more birthing etc etc.

10 pups in all with the births spread some 12 hours apart !!!! We have lost four . Two weaklings who could not get to the nipple even when we separated the stronger ones and two still borns. There are two huge strong buggers ( one I have tentatively named TITAN as he just rules the joint ) , a few average sized ones and Mum doing fine and that is the main thing.

20140909_034225 20140909_022706 20140909_023225(1) 20140909_023811 20140909_025151

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2 Responses to But wait…more Father’s Day madness

  1. LaudJohn says:

    It is plain to see that you did not teach Jirra about safe sex.

    Another young unwed mother. Her marriage prospects are now rather bleak in conservative Cambodia.

    Grandad Justin will have to assume the role of doggy daddy.

    Mind you they look so cute … good to see Jirra being a natural mother.

    • HA HA.
      It has been something to experience I can tell you. Terrible when the little blighters give up and pass but that’s nature I guess. Very god for Grace and Angus to be a part of too.

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