There are many ways to skin a rat…..


Actually…no….there is only one.

Last Friday as the wife snoozed in the hammock at the farm I strolled over to the next block to watch one of the local farmers Sineth and a few of his mates hunting field rats. With the flooded area around us , the large, well fed ( sugar cane ) rats are in abundance and I see the odd dog-sized one scurrying through the lemon grass on our block. So i was interested to see how they catch them etc.

The method is pretty easy. You stick a few strands of irresistibly juicy sugar cane grass down the rat hole and wait to see if a nibbling signifies there is a rat in residence. Once you have confirmation, you simply dig into the hole and as the rat starts to move you follow the direction of the tunnel with your shovel until the little bugger eventually makes the fatal mistake of exiting through his secret back door. Here he is met by half a dozen hungry and excited local lads armed with sticks and a few swift wacks to the head and or body and it is good night Irene. The rat is placed onto the growing pile of his dead comrades and the process starts again. Alternatively the lads walk through the sugar cane fields making noise and banging sticks to simply flush rats out and again..into the waiting death trap of falling sticks.

The field rats are BIG.I mean….really big. They are also incredibly healthy and clean. I looked inside ears and mouths and checked for ticks and fleas and these things were so clean they looked like they had escaped Paris Hilton’s Gucci handbag. I was actually very keen to taste them so i offered the boys a few beers i exchange and before you could say “tom and jerry” we were lighting up a fire and cracking a tinny.  Now,….skinning a rat must be dead set the easiest thing I have ever done. You simply tear ( by pinching and twisting )  the super soft skin behind the ear and then once it has opened up you just deglove the body of it’s little hide. Easy as. You then slit it from anus to throat and rip out is innards , mount it on a stick and you are good to go.

Field rats taste excellent. And I do mean EXCELLENT. They are far tastier than your average cambodian village chicken and have slightly gamey taste but  not overpoweringly so. With a chilli and garlic dipping sauce the boys whipped up and a cold beer…….I tell you……they were awesome and I would eat them again in a heartbeat. In fact…i will probably put in an order next time we are over at the farm for a few just to make the bbq interesting for our guests.

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  1. Starving Pelican says:

    Is it April 1st today?

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