7 weeks. 7 BLOODY WEEKS !!


That is how long my new job lasted !

A few weeks ago I got an email from the Director who hired me saying “we need you to make some money FAST or the company in big trouble and we cannot pay you. ”  ALARM BELLS. ( btw –  this from a guy who just bought his wife a $100k Range Rover )

Then over the last week I have variously been told “I will make sure both Directors step away from the Company to allow you to run it ”  and  “can you please organise a dinner for the company staff end of this month” to “I think i want to sell the business ” ( that last one came lazily over skype one day last week.

Then….Monday  “I can confirm I sold my share….you better look for a new job …”

I mean….WTF !?

Then this person comes into my office today and says “ok…time for me to go ….the other director is just speaking to a lawyer about how much he should pay you…..let’s have a drink some time….good luck” and off he goes !

I have already spoken to a lawyer and by law as they are terminating a Fixed Duration Agreement ( 2 years ) they have to pay me out the entire two years. I doubt this will come to fruition but as I type this I am just sitting in my office waiting for someone ( the new owner !? )  to tell me what the story is !

Now I have to get on the job trail AGAIN. I tell you…….it is wearing thin.


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3 Responses to 7 weeks. 7 BLOODY WEEKS !!

  1. David Shiel says:

    Enough, Homeward bound!. Start the process, wife kids guts feathers everything it is all just going to get worse.

  2. Ian McPhee says:

    Good luck with the payout and finding a new job. Next time I’m in PP I will get Kip and look you up. Ian McPhee

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