Update finally

Sorry it has been so quiet here. To be honest….getting retrenched for the second time in 12 months or so really knocked the wind out of me. The only real upside has been that both times I got looked after on the cash front. When I left TEAMS I was working the next Monday. This time around we are now at 3 months and I am still looking for a job and still burning through cash. It is very stressful some nights lying in bed wondering if we will end up living in the picnic shelter we just built !! ;-). I think about all the dependants I have and the monthly bills I have and will have for the next….oh….40 years or so and it is just firghtening. Cambodia is just notoriously difficult to maintain ongoing, lucrative employment . At any rate, I have had a few interviews lately for management level positions so I am confident something will drop sooner or later.

In the meantime, it has been great having time off to take the kids to school, get the shelter built and generally sit around to sweet FA. Last week we held a “Boon” over at mum’s house. These celebrations to honour your older relatives ( in this case Super Yay ) or other important events ( in this case also the finishing of mum’s house  renovations ). They are a big deal in Khmer culture and so Leakhana and her sister ran around for weeks organising a 200 person party and selling their gold to pay for it. Family came from all around and mum’s house resembled a UN refugee camp with mosquitoe nets hanging everywhere and people sleeping head to toe. The next day it rained which caused a bit of panic but it eventually stopped and we partied on into the night. A great time had by all and sore heads all round the next day for sure. We all went out to our land and hung out at the new shelter all day which was very nice and all the khmers were most impressed with my design.

Khmer New year is just around the corner so we will be back over at mum’s for several days at least. I will post some photos soon.

Thanks for hanging in there..

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2 Responses to Update finally

  1. gavinmac says:

    How many dependents do you have? From your blog I’ve counted about 37.

  2. Deb Moore says:

    Good to get the update Justin. Fingers crossed on the job front. Just got back from a week in Phnom Penh visiting family and have fallen in love with Cambodia again!

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