( Semi ) Relaxing family holiday in Kampot

With a long weekend up our sleeves we decided to nip down to Kampot as we have not been there in ages. Booked a house right on the river at Champa Lodge and it was a mostly very relaxing sojourn. The kids swam in the crystal clear river at the front which was a tad stressful for me as the resident life guard. Luckily I could stand so it made things a bit easier. Gracie made and immediate friend in the owner’s 5 year old daughter whilst Angus just went mental . We dined in Kampot one night and it was just gob smacking to see the change since we have last been there. Western owned bars and restaurants in every street and every one was full. 7 years ago there were two bars and you might get lucky and see another whitey down there. We also went to Kep which is the same. It is just exploding down there and I can see the way the area is now going. They have even dumped sifted white pure sand on the beach which Grace and Angus loved ! Hence…..I ahem….think we have purchased the hectare ( 2. 5 acres ) adjoining our land at the rear. I’ll expand on the story fully when we / if we close but it is a truly stunning piece of land that we could really do something with either privately or commercially. We also saw some land near the river in Kampot i rather fancy but one step at a time. I am still bloody unemployed !ImageImageckingImage








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