Update all around

Ok so it has been a long time between posts I know but as always……time flies. So here is a general overview…..

  1. I got retrenched…again. Along with 20 other people, my cheese eating little French MD tricked me into his office last week and then bushwacked me with the HR Director. “Company is restructuring. We are letting 20 odd people go. Sorry to say you are one of them etc etc blah blah ” Good news is…..they paid me out. Good news is……I hated it there with a passion. Good news is…..no more french surrender monkies ruining my day by being….er…..French. So anyways….back on the job hunt again.
  2. Digger is coming along just fine. He eats like a horse, has already started barking at people who come to the gate ( at three months ! ) and is basically just a very easy little pup. No toilet training required and does not chew much….yet. He and Jirra are now best mates and Jirra is loving having a canine mate.


3.Mum’s house

Is almost finished ! . The kitchen and bathroom have been painted and the counter top has been finished with terrazzo which was cheap and looks great. Its probably one of my favourite materials. We stillneed to get some shelving under the bench but at least mum can now move in and start using it.




4. Our Land

We have finally been able to plough the land now that it has dried out and we have kicked the sugar cane farmers off. We paid $20 to have a motorised two wheeler drag a plough around the block and being able to see everything now is great. The mangoes and bananas are thriving as is the Sapote tree I planted. We made a day of it and bbq’d ( and slept )  under a nearby mango tree .  Next up – a shelter to picnic under.

20140122_12024620140122_12040220140122_1224175. Riding

Still doing it every other weekend. Lucky me !

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