Overnight to Kampong Cham

ImageAnother weekend . Another ride. This time we rode out of PP with seven guys in total. The usual old hands and a few beginners . After a leisurely breakfast we caught the ferry over the Mekong river and headed for Kampong Cham along the same trails we rode just a few weeks back. The rental bike one guy rode gave us no end of trouble and as leader, I found having to stop for the beginners rather tedious however after a long 8 hours in the saddle we got to KC around 6pm. Plenty of cold beer and steak and then to bed in a very nice,clean $15 room.





The next morning we rode the marvelous bamboo bridge ( above ) over to the island and here we found some INSANE single track riding out into the alluvial Mekong riverbank farmlands. The trails went on forever and locals watched dumbfounded as seven dusty riders tore past in single file. The weather was perfect. Eventually we headed back to KC for a final sugar can juice before hitting the road back to PP.





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1 Response to Overnight to Kampong Cham

  1. LaudJohn says:

    I am jealous! Sounds like great fun.even with a grumpy ride leader. Good to see you getting out doing lots of riding.

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