An extra 2 inches

I have just raised my handlebars up an extra 2″ from the already 1″ i had previously added. When we ride out on the weekends, a lot of the time is ( or should be ) spent standing on the pegs absorbing bumps and shudders. I have always felt like i was stooped forward over the handlebars and not in control. the original rise did nothing to improve the situation so i took a punt and ordered $159 worth of new bar rising kit from Australia. HOLY SHIT ! The difference is now insane. I was worried I would be left with a dirt bike that looked like a chopper with ape hanger handlebars. Whilst the look is different, the ride is just so incredibly improved it is not funny. On the road I now have this very relaxed stance that feels very natural and in control. Move to standing and it is just VERY comfortable. The set up actually makes me WANT to stand and moving from sitting to standing is just a very easy transition now. The real test will be out in the dirt this weekend.  So for any other enduro riders out there who read this – do NOT be afraid to go large on your riser set up. I used GSR racing 25mm risers to start with and then added  SW-Mototech Bar Backs. As you can see from the photos, the extra height over the stock bar position is huge…..but……well worth it !

Grace sure approves !






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