Update on Mum’s house and our land etc

We spent the weekend over at Mum’s house for the first time in a couple of months. It has been very wet over there with the back half of her block inaccessible due to lying water and also the road to our land was almost impassible due to several serious bogs in the road so not much fun. All that has changed though. Everything has dried out and we can now get some chores done. The kitchen is almost finished. Doors have been installed and the bench is going in today. We are going to terrazzo concrete the top which should look very nice indeed. Other good news is mum says she will have running water connected in a month or so. That was unexpected and very good news indeed !  A trip over to our land revealed the farmer has finally cut his sugar cane and pissed off our block. All our small trees died unfortunately ( too much water in the root systems I would say ), however the mangoes, bananas
 and coconut trees are raging. All around the area looks amazing. Crops are flourishing, tracks are dry and the weather was ” cool ” so it is a lovely time of year over there. We might get on with building a small shelter so we can enjoy the dry season. Ill post more photos of mum’s house when the kitchen is finished.












20131228_165047[1] 20131228_165124[1]

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