Let me introduce .. Digger


After a long and patient search for a male German Shepherd pup, I have finally succeeded. Several months ago I met a Malaysian guy walking his beautiful GSD pup near our house and I got the details of the shop from him. I have visited the shop several times to inspect dogs and whilst the lady had a good source of pups,none of them took my fancy. She rang me several days ago and told me she had 5 male pups in her shop and by the time I got there yesterday they had all been sold ! One was awaiting pick up and it really was a nice bloody pup. He was big, healthy and had lovely markings. I asked her how long until she might have similar pups and she said possibly a month or so. Then..out of the blue today she calls me and says she has had two more come in so I rush down there.


Digger is a great looking dog with a very interesting face. Because his entire muzzle is almost black, he looks very wolf like and has very piercing eyes. Big paws and a seemingly gentle nature, he followed me around the shop and was submissive when I rolled him over. The more I looked at him the more I wanted him so.,…done deal. He is being washed and vaccinated as we speak and no doubt the kids will be fighting over him for days.

Oh…and why DIGGER ? See here.

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2 Responses to Let me introduce .. Digger

  1. Dave Port says:

    Hey! Glad to see you’re still posting. I lost your URL during a move and a computer failure.

    That sure is a cute looking puppy!

    • Hi Dave…well…i waited and waited to see the right one. he is a real nice looking pup. going to be very dark I hope which is what i wanted and that black muzzle is going to look amazing when he is older. looks very wolf-like. he has been in the yard all of 12 hours and is having a ball.

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