Get some of this indi-ya !


When I was a single guy I used to cook every night for myself and I was actually quite good at it. I got quite adept at throwing together very tasty pastas and thai curries as well as stews in winter etc. However, getting married kind of put the kybosh on that. My wife loves to cook and I love to …er….let her. However, I recently got the urge to start up in the kitchen again and rather than going at it with a shotgun approach, I have decided Indian food is going to be my new “thing”. I have always been able to bang up a great curry using Patak ready made sauces but never from the ground up so after watching too many Peter Kuravede’s Sri Lanka episodes, i have decided to give it a go. Yesterday I procured all the fundamental ingredients ( and some snappy red jars to house them in ) and last night I cooked my first ever fresh Indian chicken curry for everyone. The  verdict : well….they all thought it was simply delicious however i thought it was a little too spicy in that the heat overpowered the entire curry. I really have to learn how to use the red curry powder properly ! Still…not a bad start and Grace loved helping her dad. Every Monday night from now on is Dad’s Curry Night…..



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