Banana bike


Take a closer look

I’m counting myself as one of the world’s luckiest men today after walking away from a nasty bike prang yesterday. I headed out for a day ride with four others and was looking froward to some dirt bliss. After tearing around in some sand paddocks we find ourselves riding through a large residential development and things went pair shaped quickly. As we rode down the central boulevard at around 60kph, I swerved right to buzz a security guard and unbeknownst to me, Eric was tearing up the inside. His handlebars clipped mine and we both spun out of control. I mounted the kerb head on, clipped a power pole and ended up arse over tit on the perfectly manicured lawn. Eric slid along the brand new, super smooth concrete road and came to a standstill.

We both walked away without a scratch.


My gear lever snapped clean off, my muffler cracked and my sub chassis needs adjustment but other than that….no worries. I limped back into town with third gear engaged all the way and spent the rest of the day regaining my composure and counting my lucky stars. believe it or not that’s the first accident I’ve had in twenty five years of endure.not bad.

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2 Responses to Banana bike

  1. catherine says:

    wow! somebody’s got your nummber, or as they say, it was not your time! now, tell me, where do you take your bike for service and repairs?

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