The New Manse v7.0 – a taster.

7 houses in 7 years.Has a nice ring to it don’t you think ? As per my last post the last few weeks has been hella busy. We are getting very organised at the new house though. I have had legions of workers in doing electrical  installing washing ( brand new ) washing machines, re-configuring gates and fences for privacy and security etc etc. It is amazing how quick the house is coming together. Here are a few shots ;


                     Leakhana’s new kitchen with freshly installed custom silk lights


                               Living room with much light and fresh air and ….new silk lights.


                                                           Looking outside from living room


                                                                                      Safety first

Leakhana is just thrilled with her kitchen. Having spent the last year cooking out of a tiny 3x3m space with 0 bench area, I promised her I would pimp the new kitchen. With it’s soaring ceiling, massive floor space and easy access, this kitchen is true western style. I bought my wife a lovely HUGE new antique crockery cabinet, a double sink with jet sprayer and configured a kitchen island with some existing pieces we had. New lights were fabricated at Russian market and a whole new set of plates and glasses etc is on the way. Leakhana loves to cook….is great at it and she deserves this space. 

Yesterday as we tirelessly worked getting things organised we had to listen to the next door neighbors cutting up a huge dead mango tree they had just felled in their front garden. The chainsaw was just relentless and around 4pm i thought id go take a look at what they were up to. My father and I spent hours / days/months together with chainsaws on our farm in Australia and the sound and smell bought back alot of memories. When I saw the guys working I thought of my father and couldn’t help but see images of him in the Khmer guys that were expertly cutting up the wood. Dad……these photos are for you !;






As I watched the guys working away I admire the huge slabs of mango wood and all of a sudden a light went on. An epiphany of sorts. I hunted out the owner of the villa, a nice old guy who spoke very good English and asked him if he was selling the wood or what he would be doing with it. He asked me why I was asking and I told him I would like to purchase a single slab from him. He asked me what for and I said  “well……I want to make a bar in my garden so I can drink beer with my mates !”. He laughed and thought this was a sterling idea. “You only want one piece ?” he asked me. ” yes….just one”. he motioned to the perfectly cut slabs and asked if that was what I was after and I replied I was actually after one of the more rustic, irregular pieces with the trunk on one side. “Take one for free !” he said with a wave of his hand and a smile ! WOOT. WIN ! So i grabbed Joss and Nek and my trolley and 10 minutes later……..we had our garden bar happening complete with seating and fire pit. Pure Cambodian gold. Stay tuned for more on the garden bar. I intend on installing fairy lights, perhaps a thatched roof and sound. 







We finished the day with friends over for beers and dinner. The kids tore around the garden safely on bikes chased by Jirra ( and I mean….like…..4 kids on 4 bikes !!  )  – just amazing to watch them all playing with mad abandon in such a glorious space and it really brought a smile to my face. This move was such a lucky break for us and I am very happy we found this house. I think it is going to be the setting for some pretty good times. 

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2 Responses to The New Manse v7.0 – a taster.

  1. sjhammel22 says:


    On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 8:28 AM, the phnom pen

  2. Stephen says:

    Seven houses seven years.

    Lucky Seven

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