Busy as a beaver on a hunk of wood

I realize the blog has been very quiet lately but I have been so busy I have not been able to scratch myself. Firstly I was sick as a dog with a nasty flu that took out the whole family and then I have just had a week off work to get through the following ;

  1. We have finally put a bathroom in for mum over the river. Timing was perfect as it has been raining cats and dogs over there and she could no longer cross her backyard to use the neighbor’s ablutions. Even the ducks were having a hard time of it ! We use the guys who did our fence over at the land and they have done a great job. In the end I went with a squatter set up because a) It is good for you b) it is cheap and c) have you ever tried to wash your arse with your left hand and a bucket of water whilst sitting on a traditional toilet? It is not easy. I had to go back and forth several times to tweak designs and check the work was being done and rate I am very happy with the way it has come up. Total cost ; $600. The guys are now moving on with the kitchen so it full steam ahead for Pchum Ben
  2. My sister Sibella and her daughter (my niece) visited for a week and arrived the very Sunday night that the city got closed down in anticipation of protests over the election results. Not only that but it was pissing with rain. As we drove into town we saw many razor wire barricades and soldiers standing around but in the end I was able to safely deliver them to the hotel ( Eureka Villas ). We spent the week touring around Phnom Penh, shopping, eating out and we also took a run over to mum’s to show them the house and our land. Sibella was extremely relaxed and easygoing. 12 year old Georgie thought everything was “ gross/ smelly/ eeeiuuwwww etc” and also thought Cambodia was hotter than hell. I tried to explain to her that us locals were reveling in this winter- like weather. She thought I was mad. I hadn’t seen Georgie since she was 5 and it was great to catch up with my little niece and she made easy friends with Nek and Joss. We took Angus and Grace out of school for the week and within a day they had bonded with “Auntie Bell” and “Georgie”. Whenever we left in the car to go pick them up Angus started a chant of “ Georgie….Georgie…..georgie” and he was none to happy when having to say goodbye each day. So all in all a fantastic visit from family and much appreciated by one and all. It was very hard saying goodbye to my sister that’s for sure.




       3. We have finally moved house. On Saturday I wanted to move a few plants and the odd piece of furniture with a remorque. Just a relaxed, several day exercise. However when he demanded $25 for plants only, we decided to hire a truck. This triggered a Rambo style assault on the move with Leakhana hiring a truck and declaring “we’ll do it all today”. SHIT. Unfortunately she hired a truck staffed by careless retards and it was all I could do to stop myself from punching them out by the end of the day. They had no commonsense and clearly thought the price they gave us was too low within minutes of starting the job. Still, we eventually got 80% of our house moved and sleep that night came mercilessly fast. Yesterday I woke up feeling like a truck had run me over and could barely lift myself out of bed. When I did….it was with the realization we still had more trips back to the old house to get the rest of our kit AND we had a new bed base and wardrobe arriving that need to be lifted up over the front balcony as neither would fit through the house and up the stairwell. Upon arrival of the furniture at 4pm I was running on empty so we grabbed several motodops from the street and 7 of us hauled the furniture up, up and away. Damn near killed me and after that I was done. Cold beers, dinner and bed. The new house is K I L L E R .Photos to follow.

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2 Responses to Busy as a beaver on a hunk of wood

  1. Auntie Bell says:

    It was an incredible week! Fantastic scary funny amazing exhausting and extremely emotional having not see Justin or Leakhena for 6 years since the wedding and Georgie having not met Leakhena, and neither of us having met Gracie and Madman. Thanks Juzz for taking the time off – it made all the difference – saying goodbye was just awful coz I miss you bro. To Nek and Joss and Paula – it was so special to see you all and to go to all the places you spend time in each day so we now can picture you in your daily life xx Georgie was actually more in shock than anything…an incredible experience for a 12 year old girl and she handled it beautifully – so proud. She was just very sad each day to think “when is the next time I will see Gracie, Gussie, Nek and Joss” 😦 To my beautiful sister in law Leak, it was a week I shall treasure – we all so wish you were closer but I now have you in my heart constantly having gotten to know you better xxx

  2. Auntie Bell says:

    Oh and if anyone wants to see all the other wonderful fun photos just follow Leakhena on FB….sorry Rort know you hate it but there are so many more fabulous photos…the one above of me and Leak is cute tho!!

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