House Update

We met with our new landlord yesterday to pay all the monies ( 2 months deposit /  1 month advance rent ) and she seems to be a very nice lady indeed. Her contract was in English, simple to read and fair in it’s terms and a few things I questioned were amended immediately. We then did a walk around the house :

Can you put some tin across the back fence to make the garden more private ? YES

Can you plant some bamboo across the front fence to make the house more private ? YES

Can you knock a big window in the kitchen wall to let in some fresh air ? YES

Can you remove all the ugly mosquito mesh from the lovely feature vents above the windows ? YES  ( don’t start sprouting on about dengue fever etc. I hate these things with a passion. They collect dirt and spider webs and eventually look horrid)

Can you brick up the window in the upstairs bedroom that looks into the living room ? YES

Can you take the fake ceiling off the en suite bathroom in that same bedroom so it is open and gets light and air ? YES

Can you add an extra light to the kitchen ? YES

Can you leave some of those lovely old garden pots you seem to have everywhere ? YES

Would you entertain the idea down the track of knocking out the entire wall between kitchen and living room to open up the entire bottom floor ? YES

Will you replace the ratty old tin on the front gate ? YES

Will you paint the interior of the boundary walls ? NO – BUT YOU CAN PAINT ANY COLOR YOU WANT !

I tell you……this lady seems like a gem !!

Roll on October !



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2 Responses to House Update

  1. TRA says:

    nice villa mate, congrats!

  2. gavinmac says:

    Why didn’t you ask her to put in an elevator and a swimming pool?

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