I spied with my little eye….

ImageLeakhana and I have been thinking about moving for a little while now. The kids are growing so fast and are in dire need of playing space – especially our son Angus. The house we have been living in has been a fantastic back stop since losing my last job and we have been very happy there. Brand new,cheap to rent, safe and functional, we have great neighbors all around and a green outlook and one thing that came out of that situation was just how marvelously flexible my wife is. She had been living in a VERY nice villa  and then overnight almost found herself back in a small shop-house but she never complained once.

I have been watching someone renovate a lovely villa not too far away from where we are now for a few weeks and I have been meaning to stop and ask them if they are going to be renting it but it just looked so big and nice that i thought…..even if they do rent it they will put some retarded price on it…..so I haven’t bothered which is unlike me because i work on the premise you don’t ask you don’t get !  Yesterday I actually saw the FOR RENT sign go up ( with no phone number on it )  so I jammed on the brakes and went in. My mouth started to drool straight away. A beautiful freshly painted 2 story villa lay inside with a HUGE garden capable of taking 4 cars or more, palm trees, garden shed, chicken coop etc. Inside was freshly painted as well and I discovered downstairs had a lovely office with terracotta flooring, huge lounge room and large kitchen and then an outside laundry. Then 3 bedrooms upstairs with two bathrooms another living room and a decent sized balcony overlooking the front garden. All in excellent condition with super high timber ceilings and western proportioned spaces. I am in serious love with this house. So I ask the handymen for the owner’s number, rush home and Leakhana calls and we organise to  meet 30 mins later .The wife only needs 1 minute inside the gate and she is slathering too – especially when she then sees the big kitchen. We sit down with the owner and ask her how much and hold our breath. I am honestly expecting her to say $800++ per month ( which is what this is worth ) and this will be the end of the conversation as I have vowed to never pay more than $5-600 rent again. She says………..$550. I cannot fucking believe my ears. WE’LL TAKE IT.

October 1st we move. Cannot wait !

Stay tuned.

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7 Responses to I spied with my little eye….

  1. George Hastings says:

    Good on you mate! You should buy a nice property in Phnom Penh for your nice family, I am sure you can afford it and you could put it under your wife’s name. Independent Property Services has many properties for sale: http://www.independentpropertyservices.com Cheers!

  2. David Shiell says:

    And what are you moving out of, and how much is it?

    • Dave,
      Moving out of a typical Khmer shop-house 5mx20m. I will actually miss it. Is is very hard finding places that tick most of the boxes here and this one certainly did. We also know everyone around us – the shop owners, the motodops, the kids in the street etc, everyone waves to us and says hi and our kids have friends. however this new place was just too good to pass on. You’ll see when I start posting photos.

  3. Goyzer. says:

    Bloody Hell what a nice story !
    Excellent, good on you pal, hope you and all the family enjoy it.

    Quite sure pics will be imminent !! :))

  4. Mike Hiller says:

    Is this down by the Russian Market?

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