A weird weekend


A sea of Cambodian People’s Party ( CPP ) supporters between me and the boat.

Well I can report that Phnom Penh hasn’t burnt to the ground just yet. A very strange weekend all round really. With the election looming on Sunday I headed over to the farm on Friday afternoon and had to fight a sea of Hun Sen supporters just to get on the boat. Once over at Mum’s house it was deathly from Saturday on as electioneering was officially over. Thank God ! We spent the weekend over at the land finishing the fence and installing our BEAUTIFUL gate ! Leakhana changed the design without telling me and I could not have been happier. I wanted this design in the first place but in haste just chose a simple cyclone wire fence. This looks much nicer and I also bought two $1 concrete tiles for the posts which make a nice feature. Grace made a new friend in the contractors 10 year old daughter and I carted cement in between cold ones.


Nobody gets in…..or out !


Old skool concrete pour


Attention to detail


Little helper


Grace,Justin,Leakhana,Angus,Phalla,Joss ( and Nek and Jirra out of picture to RHS !)


The end result.

After a full day Sunday cutting grass, spreading fertiliser and cleaning up after the builders I was absolutely knackered and ready to go home. We jumped on the ferry at 4pm. By 5pm there were 100 cars waiting to get over into the city and by 6pm it had been halted. Over in the city, the shit was hitting the fan as rumours started to fly about the election results disillusioned CNRP supporters took to the streets…


The big man votes

timthumbkc39kyreIn the end it SEEMS as though Hun Sen has won but it wasn’t by much and the next 5 years here are going to be very interesting indeed. it is eerily quiet today with the streets deserted and many staff missing from work. Hopefully the angst will dissipate and we will back to normal soon…..

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