My eyes aren’t what they used to be but…..

As I approach 45 I am all too aware that my eyesight is not what it used to be. However…they are certainly not in need of coke-bottle glasses just yet. Now….Leakhana is project managing the construction of the gate posts and gate over on the block and she is sending me photo updates from her phone. I got these photos last night and I am a tad anxious…


Either this is an optical illusion of these guys have REALLY stuffed up !? Check out the RHS post. Does that look straight to you ??

I rang Leakhana and asked gently if the gate posts were straight and this is how the conversation went ;

“Sweetheart…you are doing a great job over there. Can i just ask i the posts are straight as the photos are a bit worrying ”

” I was just talking to the builder about that and yes they are not perfectly straight but don’t worry they will fix that up when they cement render tomorrow..”

“er….the photo I am seeing shows the post fairly out of wack” ( try explaining out of wack to a khmer lass ! )

“The builder says he went off the fencing posts some of which aren’t perfectly straight. they are a bit like a turtles neck at the top..”

“Well…..did he use a plumb bob on the vertical ?”

“A what ?”

” Never mind……just make sure he understand s if they aren’t straight….i am not paying..”

“Yes sweetheart”

If you look at the following photos from different angles you can see the posts actually look ok and you can also see they are actually using plum bobs to get the vertical correct so i am *guessing* ( read ; praying like hell….) that the first photo is indeed an illusion of some sort. I cannot believe a Khmer brickie could get that soooo wrong ?

Let’s wait and see shall we.



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