Sunday Ride to Kampong Cham


                                                    Suspicious absence of riding partners


                                                             Meh – their loss !

After a huge sleep brought on be yesterdays tree planting and then a sensational 8am half breakfast at The Rising Sun ( poached eggs, breakfast tea, sausages ), I headed over the river at Naga solo as my riding partners were no shows. I beat a path up to the first large bridge just north of mum’s place and then crossed back over to the western side just out of interest. Found the highway up to K Cham is being widened and whilst there is still a tar strip in the middle, there are now huge,wide dirt shoulders on either side. Traffic was pretty light and no-one really knew what the right path was so this allowed me to basically open it up and criss cross the shoulder expanses at will. One moment I am on the RHS racing cars and mini buses on the tar and the next moment I am on the tar overtaking cars stuck on the dirt. Cross over to the wrong side of the road and enjoy a three lane wide dirt expanse to myself whilst racing the buses on their way to Siem Reap ? No worries. All the while there are whoopties galore as I cross over the entries to side roads heading off to places unknown, new bridges with big lips where the highway meets the bridge and piles of random dirt that have been run over a few times leaving great jumps. Picture X Games at 90 kmh. UNREAL.  Perfect weather with no rain, clouds keeping the heat down and a dry surface. I had lunch and a beet at Mekong Crossing in Kampong Cham and then headed  over to the island for some fun. Weird to see concrete roads out there ! Back into town and east over the bridge to the far side of the Mekong and chucked the first right that took me to the edge of the river. The next few hours heading back to Phnom Penh saw me find all the old single tracks that wind through forests and cow paddocks and over small rivers. Insane riding with perfect surfaces and no-one around. Plenty of peg time, rooster tails and mud thrown in for fun. Back to town around 5pm exhausted but safe. A perfect day out.

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