Planting Season

The rains are upon us so it is time to get some trees in over on our land. After a quick trip to Takmeo to the garden shops and some luck with some free trees from friends, here is the result after a full day’s work on Saturday ;


Crossing the Mekong with Paul’s ute all loaded up.


The gang.


Ready for planting.


Big mangoes




Smaller mango trees


Sapote ( sapodilla , naseberry )


Danay – $1 a hole. 20 holes. Not a bad (half) days work but DAMN it was hot !


Meanwhile across the road….

Our little patch is coming along nicely. We now have ;

6 x Banana trees

2 x Coconut trees

12 x Mango trees

2 x Mangosteen trees

2 x Jackfruit trees

1 x Sapote

1 x Rambutan

TOTAL spent thus far ; about $50

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