Review ; Bekkan Ramen


Bekkan Ramen. Hard to find but well worth it.

When I was a young and high flying money market trader working in the Sydney CBD, the lads used to gorge weekly on ramen noodles at one of several ramen houses near the Futures Exchange. Ever since I have been a fan of this Japanese staple but it has been years since I have had good ramen noodles. I recently tried TOTO Ramen on Norodom and it was garbage. Somewhat akin to spaghetti soup. Then….someone suggested Bekkan Ramen on St 334 between St 57 & 51 in BKK1 and a couple of months ago I tried it for the first time. It was excellent and I meant to do a review back then but…well….lazy I guess.



This week I have eaten at Bekkan Ramen not once but TWICE ! Finding myself in BKK on business i had to take the opportunity and when you are onto a good thing stick to it I say. Yesterday Leakhana joined me and despite the dust raining down on us from the next door building being renovated ( or demolished I am not sure which ! ) we had a great nosh. So hjere are the things I really like about Bekku Ramen :

  1. The Ramen ! DUH ! The broth is clean and garnished with fresh shallits and seaweed folds and the noodles are perfectly light and the right rubber consistency. I usually go with the Giso Ramen and this comes with a lovely strip or two of pork with rind in it. The $5.50 bowls are steaming and the beer ( @$2 for a Tsing Tao ) is icy cold. Cooked by a genuine Japanese chef who smiles away… cannot go wrong here.
  2. The Staff. All two of them. A female smiling Japanese Chef who has tiny English and a young khmer guy who is Maitre’D and speaks fluent Japanese and English. Also a big smiler. These guys are just really nice and welcoming and very low stress and attentive. I felt like I had made two friends !
  3. The ambience. Bekkan Ramen is very low key and once you are zeroed in on its location, it is a true gem. It has a lovely sit-at bar where you can order your ramen and watch it being cooked in a spotless stainless steel kitchen right in front of you. You can then slurp away whilst very sedate music plays in the background. Spanish salsa one day, Japanese the next . There is an inside AC dining area with lovely dark wood tablets on the walls serving as menus in Japanese and English bu t i prefer the bar area myself.
  4. The cost. For what it is….Bekkan is cheap. $7.50 for a steaming bowl of noodles and and ice cold imported beer.

So there you have it . BEKKAN RAMEN. 10/10/.    I love it and will be going there whenever I am in BKK. In fact…if they made a t-shirt I would probably wear one !ImageImageImage

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4 Responses to Review ; Bekkan Ramen

  1. catherine says:

    thanks, i’ll make sure to try it, it’s right next door to me! and it looks appetizing!

    • Cat….next time I go i will sms you and maybe you can join me ! I would recommend going for dinner after 6 or so as right now the next door place is being worked on. The staff were very apologetic. Or you should eat inside !. It really is great.

  2. Goyzer. says:

    “High flying money market ”

    I could have sworn you were the legend that taught me everything I knew , even though you had a broken leg …….you even had time to teach me how to hit a one wood properly.

  3. Goyzer. says:

    Jacksons on George was always better anyway, Pool, beer and a Friday supplement

    Happy days

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