All things motorbike boots


                       First pair.

Some years ago when I first arrived here and was doing A LOT of dirt riding all over the country, I “invested” in a pair of my first ever MX boots. They wrere traditional long length, stiff MX boots made by ONEAL and I think I paid about $130. They were murder to ride in as they were a tad too small and they were not all that waterproof. I had to adjust the gear changer to allow for the large toe piece and I never really got used to riding in them. Kids came along, they got shelved under the stairs and when i got them out recently and washed them….they fell apart ! 


                                                                       Second pair.

So I jumped on the internet and after much searching I decided to eBay a pair of Fly Racing Maverik ATV boots. Reviews pitched them as a slightly more forgiving MX boot with a softer work boot type sole and they were budget end at $100. I had to order in US size so I was taking a punt and when the size 10 arrived ( promptly I will admit ! ) …bugger me…it was a tad too big. AND….i still hated the way they felt. Stiff as a board out of the box and again…the gear shifter would need changing. I sold them promptly and recouped my money and started all over again.


                                     Third pair – juuuuuuust right !

So back onto google and this time I decided SCREW THE MX BOOT BULLSHIT, I have always liked riding in combat style boots, that is what I will get. I zeroed in on a pair of Bates Aston Motorcycle boots. With all reviews saying they are a supremely waterproof and comfortable boot, I dived in and ordered a pair of US9.5s for $170 delivered by Fedex. 

They arrived yesterday and I raced home, unboxed them and with the kids watching my every move….I slid the first one on ( me left, bigger foot ). A few nervous minutes slid by as I thought I had ordered the wrong size but with some lace tweaking and a few rides to settle them in…..they seem to be just right. These boots are DIVINE ! They are incredibly supple right out of the box with a nice thick oil proof sole and a zip down the inside ankle to assist with getting in and out. I an actually wearing them at work today with my jeans ( which will make my French MD gag on his croissant ) and my feet just feel incredibly safe and snug in them ( without steaming up ) while I am riding the bike.Time will tell how they stand up to Cambodia’s harsh environment but out of the box……these boots are awesome.

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