Setting Jirra up with a Gorgeous George……

The last week has seen Jirra on her heat and the dogs in the neighborhood going mad with lust. Every morning I open the gates there is a motley crew of assorted street dogs moping around with intent and it is all i could do to keep them from coming over the walls. I decided to take the opportunity to throw Jirra in a yard with Gorgeous George – Karma’s father. George is a lovely dog with great coluring and a nice temprament and he is certainly my sire of choice. So after feeding her a KG of raw beeg ( to give her rear legs stamina ! ) i took her over to Suzie and Alb’s and with a “GO GEORGE !” I left her there all day yesterday.


By all accounts it was not from lack of George trying but I think Jirra was a tad overwhelmed by his good looks because apparently she was playing hard to get.

In 6 month’s time we’ll try again.


Alb tries to get the two dogs to catch eyes.  This is how most mating starts – no matter what the species.


Tongues out. Eyes meeting. ” Hey….you aren”t such a bad sort !”


Noses being sniffed


Ok. now what !?

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4 Responses to Setting Jirra up with a Gorgeous George……

  1. Goyzer. says:



  2. Dave says:

    How to broach a delicate subject? Well, if both the stud and the bitch are inexperienced (how many times has George “gotten lucky?” Was it just the one time?), you may have to “give them a hand, so to speak. Muzzle the bitch before you try it, or she may whip around and attack the male.

    If she sticks her butt in his face and moves her tail aside (called “flagging,”) she’s ready to be bred. Usually this starts about 9-11 days after you notice the first spot of blood on the ground. Or, a vet lab can do a progesterone test to see if it’s on the way up.

    • Dave
      George is definitely NOT inexperienced. He has sired at least three litters I know of. However… really was amateur hour on everyone else’s behalf !. I only put the dogs together because I noticed all the male village dogs around her were going crazy so figured it was time but I have no idea where she was at in her cycle. By giving them “a hand”…er…….what exactly do you mean ? *gulp*

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