Sunday Ride


Last Friday I received an SMS from Dara inviting me out on a day ride with some guys and with the new bike on road I was itching to go. The wife cleared me and after sleeping at mum’s on Saturday night, I was up and ready to go early Sunday. On arrival at the Pickled Parrot I found Kerr and Justin already there and we were soon joined by a young Aussie called Troy and a few Khmers. On the way out of town south we picked up 4 Malaysian guys and as we hit the single track under the powerlines we were a dozen or so strong. A mixture of bikes : XR25o,CRF250,WR250,WRF450,KLX350,DRZ400 etc all roosting dirt and riding hard. We rode down to PhnomBasset and hit the trail that will soon host an Enduro event and after several laps we had lunch and were joined by about 12 more Khmer riders who had left town before us. Rain threatened but never eventuated and it was just awesome to be out riding again.



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