Did someone say DIRT ?

Just for you Gav….

Mum’s house…….Saturday.


And yes….by the time I had finished ripping the roofing guys a new arsehole……I was sweating.



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10 Responses to Did someone say DIRT ?

  1. David Shiel says:

    Stupid question? Why are you doing all this work, and why maybe not just have gotten a nice little plot and build Mom a nice little house?

    • dave….my mother actually bought the house. We are simply footing the bill for renovations which won’t run more than $4,000 or so ( more if you factor all my time and stress !! ). She bought the house on a 17mx30m plot for USD$16,000 from someone who ended up with the house after a loan default by the original owner. The next door plot of land which we are thinking of buying is only 12mx30m ( so….5m narrower ) and they are asking $15,000. No house. A house like my mum’s ( as it was when we bought it ) costs minimum $10,000++ to build and you wouldn’t get the same timbers now. So basically…..for around $22,000….my mum is going to end up with an asset worth $32k +++.

      Smart buying 😉

  2. David Shiel says:

    Ok makes more sense. Try being a little less involved, less stress. And I know you don’t need my advice, but I would do every thing I could to get ahold of adjoining plot at an agreed upon reasonable price. I have built Four, yes four houses in and around BKK. I feel your pain.

    • Well in the grand scheme of things it’s only a small job but i am such a control freak /perfectionist that I tend to let shit annoy me. I went over there on Saturday and the roofers had set the scaffolding up on our new terracotta tiles with nothing under the steel legs to protect the tiles. FARK. I hear you regards the land next door. Originally I think it was $12k. When the owner realised we wanted it they of course upped the price.My sister-in-law is trying to get it for $7,000. I have offered them $12k. For the sake of fucking around…..I’ll probably pay the $15k as it takes the block to 30x30m which is a killer size. We could build a timber house and have a real family compound with plenty of room..

  3. gavinmac says:

    I think you’re turning Cambodian. You’re spending your weekends shirtless, you’re thinking of buying land in the countryside to be next your mother-in-law, it’s all quite odd.

    • It’s called being blissfully happy mate.

      if you didn’t spend all your waking moments considering 46 ways to analyze the 36 steps to deciding the top 15 reasons why you should or should not marry a Cambodian woman – you too could achieve this and be among the dirt 😉

  4. gavinmac says:

    I can’t be blissfully happy unless the place has air conditioning and a flushable toilet.

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