Suprise Surprise ….it’s Aunty Sarah !

First of all apologies to everyone for the slackness lately. Last Monday my lower back went on it’s bi-annual holiday and I have been in excruciating pain for most of the last week. The pharmacies are loving me and I have taken so much Ibuprofen, Panaforte and Voltarin that my fingers are peeling. Not to mention the fact the house smells like  locker room what with all the tiger balm rub downs Leakhana has been giving me. The first few days is the worse as not only is the back sore but it also feels like i have been kicked HARD in the groin by an equine beast. Enough said.

Then…….I get a call last Thursday from my sister Sarah saying “i’ll be there tomorrow !”. I am calling this The Great Facebook Pilgrimage as Sarah says seeing al the photos of Grace and Angus on Leakhana’s FB page made her decide she had to come. MEH…..whatever…….I still think FB is for social retards and 14 year olds. So Friday rolls around, I pick Sarah up from her hotel and take her back to our house and we engineer a perfect surprise delivery which stuns Leakhana. Sarah has arrived with a bag full of gifts for the kid so it doesn’t take long for Angus and Grace to connect and so begins a flying one week visit.



We took Sarah over to Mum’s house and showed her the land we have bought, swam at her hotel, visited out of town beer gardens on the banks of the Mekong and had family dinners at home with the extended mob. We dined at Pop Cafe and Mt Manaslu and Sarah also visited Angus and Gracie’s school to see what goes on. Meanwhile my back is screaming at me all the while to LIE DOWN FOR FUCK SAKE but I soldier on tanked up on pills. Grace and Angus take to their Aunty Sarah like flys to sugar and whilst Grace impresses with her tri-lingual songs , Angus impresses with his fearless approach to water . Leakhana and Sarah are of course thick as thieves because….you know……they play FB all the time so no big deal there.

So..god bless Aunty Sarah and her spontaneity. Always great to see her smiling face on these shores and it will be sad to see her go this afternoon.

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