Khmer New Year 2013


Mum’s house before Khmer New Year

This year for the first time in 7 years I actually enjoyed….nay…..LOVED Khmer New Year. Normally we either sit in Phnom Penh twiddling our thumbs and riding out the most boring 5 day stretch in history with everything shut and everybody we know out of town or we go to Kep or such where everyone staying at bungalows is basically in denial it is happening. However with Mum living in her new house we now had an actual family place to go to and so it ws we headed out of town for a 5 day stretch. Mum was so happy to be “hosting” KNY at her house as she had not owned property in 20 years. When we arrived the place had been clean and scrubbed and beds were made with sheets turned down and everything in order.

I cannot remember what happened on what day so i’ll just give you all a general round up. Mum’s house served as base for our entire family including Phalla and her kids, Nek and Pek and a bevy of assorted of friends who slept where they fell each night. The days were filled with random events such as water and talcum powder fights, card games, visits to the wat, swimming at the beach, huge lunches, beer drinking sessions, dancing to traditional music,visits to the countryside to watch the sunset, more water fights etc. Crowds came and went , locations changed as we toured around to random neighbors and friends houses and in general it was just a fantastic time.


$5 in the provinces. $30 in Phnom Penh. How much in Australia ??


My custom made tools.

We did manage to get a bit of landscaping done. The previous week Leakhana and I had ordered 4 huge palms from an old man who lived north of Mum’s house. When we went back to pick them up i was stunned at the size of them. Each one was easily over 6ft tall and very healthy. The ols guy sold them to us for $5 each and we had trouble stuffing them in the back of the Isuzu but we managed. On arrival back at the house Danay and I sweated it out in the heat but the results were great – instant front garden ! We also planted a Frangipani tree with blood red flowers that we have had for years and had transported over there with great care.


Mum’s house AFTER Khmer New Year !


Al fresco kitchen


State of the art cooking appliances


My little cowgirl

The great thing about the location of mum;s house is we can duck back into the city quickly and duck we did one day., The girls had their nails done and I had a brunch burger and a beer and we were back st mum’s house within a few hours !

So that was KNY2013. Definately the best so far……..




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2 Responses to Khmer New Year 2013

  1. gavinmac says:

    Dirt! In laws! It just doesn’t get any better.

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