Factories in the morning, military bases in the afternoon.

Had a rather interesting day today.In the morning I was out at the Special Economic Zone visiting factories and giving them the sales spiel. We went to one that outsourced the production of kimonos from Japan. There in an immaculate air conditioned warehouse were 300 girls wearing bright head scarves cutting, stitching and ironing Japanese silk into the most amazing creations. We had a tour of the floor and I was shown a rack of 10 or so stunning kimonos that retailed for over USD$30,000 each back in Japan. Apparently the cost of producing them ( labour ) is about $60. DOINK. 

After the SEZ my colleague asked her to give her a lift to her boyfriends place of work as she had to pick her car up. Imagine my surprise when we roll up to a heavily guarded army barracks and she tells me he bf is a Lieutenant Colonel or some such ! Next thing I know I am being walked into the officer’s mess and being introduced to said boyfriend who is an immaculately uniformed, super fit and incredibly handsome 36 year old with chisel jaw, pumped arms and perfect English. He invited me to join his fellow officers for lunch and afterwards he takes me on a guided tour of the base and all it’s military hardware. We end up at the firing range and he takes me in and shows me an array of AK47s, M16s,Sten guns and the famed FAMAS used by  FF Legionnaires. I am asked if i want to let rip a few rounds which I politely decline as the range is dark, dusty and hot as hell and I am wearing my good suit pants. We complete the tour and I am invited back for a spot of target practice and I bid farewell to my new army buddy.

0nly in Cambodia.

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