Jesus Free Zone



When I was young, my parents sent me to Sunday School at the local Anglican church. Only god would know why, as both my parents were devout atheists ! I remember coming home every Sunday morning with these really colorful Jesus stamps that id stick in my stamp album and give nary a thought to. Fast forward a decade and I find myself at one of Australia’s most expensive multi-denimaintational private schools having bibles thrown at me when I doze off in Religious Studies. **THWAP** WAKE UP GARNETT !! I went to school with chirstians,catholics,jews,buddhists,seikhs,muslims……the whole 9 biblical yards.

However…..I am strictly atheist and my kids are already being taught the buddhist way of life through their Khmer family. Thus…….when Grace came home yesterday with a teddy bear book sprouting all sorts of Jesus doo da……I lit up.


Email To ; Grace’s Schhol

Grace came home with a book called JESUS LOVES ME today and I’m less than impressed. I’m sure the person who sent it home with Grace only saw the teddy bears however the message is clearly Christian. Please be advised we are a committed buddhist/ atheist household and if I see anymore religious books sent home I’ll be contacting the Ministry of Cults and Religions to report you for brainwashing my children.


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  1. Bell says:

    Sunday school was a babysitting service Juzz lol!!! We all went!!

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