Greenacres is the place to be.

We just plonked down a deposit on a lovely piece of dirt just 20mins outside Phnom Penh and only 1.2km from mum’s house. I had a friend of mine I used to work with at TEAMS (who happens to live  locally and knows everyone) spend a few weeks scouting a distress sale and we picked up 24mx43m (1032m2) for the low price of $6,000 – or $5.80  a meter  Everything else around us is $7.50 ++. We also inherited a farming family who were renting the land and respectfully asked if they could complete the crop they have just put down as they have spent $500 on seed so we said “no worries”  as we can plant mango trees at the same time. All things going to plan with settlement we can spend days on “the farm” tending crops and relaxing in a picnic spot I will build ( water tank, drop latrine, brick bbq and thatched hut ) and then we can head back to mum’s for a swim in the Mekong , a shower and a good sleep. The surrounding area is awash with corn,mangoes,lemongrass,sugarcane,mushrooms and other crops and it is serenely quite and incredibly CLEAN. No cars = a safe space for the kids to run around and in a couple of years when the trees mature, the block will be heaven indeed.

Location here

20130310_172424 20130310_160252 20130310_154720 20130310_154608 20130310_155605 20130310_154602 20130310_153548 20130310_153524 20130310_153519 20130309_114108 20130309_114039

20130310_172617 20130310_175117

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