Minibea Factory at PPSEZ

Went on a site visit to the Minibea factory lat week out at the Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone. This Japanese company produces precision machined parts for all manner of purposes and the factory was nothing short of amazing. The first of it’s kind in Cambodia, it employs 10,000 people who work in two split shifts of 5000 at a time. The place is immaculate and once inside you totally forget you are in Cambodia…..


First thing’s first – take your shoes off and don some regulation                      slippers.


Then you can make your way down the 400m corridor. Yes……..400m.


                                         Break room


                                     Dentists in training ?


                                          Assembly line


                                             More workers


                             Serious power connection


                                     Stage 2 being built

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2 Responses to Minibea Factory at PPSEZ

  1. Goyzer. says:

    Incredible. Interesting stuff. Mass production + Precision wouldn’t go together in most societies but the Japanese have got it down, and have done for a while if we are honest.
    Wonder what the pro rata of senior management vs workforce is …… 1. – 100 maybe ??

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