View from above ; Vattanac Tower

I found myself on a site walk of Vattanac Tower last Friday afternoon. The company I work for has done all the M&E design and Instal and has had over 300 staff onsite during the project. The view from the top is outstanding and offers a rarely seen aspect of the city below..


                                                             Central Market


                                      Looking NE up the Mekong River


 Bang Keouk Lake. Reclaimed. People evicted illegally. And now what ?


                             Some of the Comin Khmere team onsite


Looking West over streets 108/110, Hun Sen park and towards the Sokha Hotel being built on Chroy Chang Va Peninsula.


              A bullet hole in the southern wall. Yes……a bullet hole.


                                                                  At ground level.


          Canadia Tower. The second tallest building in Phnom Penh.



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2 Responses to View from above ; Vattanac Tower

  1. Catherine says:

    I wanna Go too!!! Please please please for the exact same reason: taking pictures!!!

  2. catherine says:

    today, i was told the construction at the PP sokha resort has stopped because they failed to do a geology report and now the building is too heavy for the tip of the peninsula and sinking into the mekong. have you heard? if true, too funny!!!

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